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About Us

Eric LindbergThank you for visiting our website and for learning more about our company. While working on this website, I have had the opportunity to reflect on who we are and what we do. I am very proud of our accomplishments and the relationships we have built with the beautiful homes and people of the Milwaukee area. No other company in the Milwaukee area is as focused and dedicated to working on old and historic homes; but this, in fact, is not what is most unique about us.

Most unique may be how many employees are long-term employees. In this industry it is rare for someone to stay with one company more than a season. Four of my current employees have been with me for 8 years. This says a lot about who we are; Not only is this a good place to work, but the work we do, and the way we do it, fosters an important sense of pride and satisfaction. The work is hard, often dirty, sometimes dangerous, and always challenging. But the pleasure of working on our area's finest homes, and of treating both these homes and their owners with the care they deserve, is rewarding indeed.

Our tagline is "thoughtful craftsmen," which aptly describes our approach. All of the employees of Community Building and Restoration are expected to be good thinkers, enthusiastic problem solvers, expert communicators, as well as sensitive to the needs of our customers and the unique challenges of working on old and historically significant homes. I am proud of my skilled, loyal, and dedicated workers. They have taught me much and demand as much of me as I do of them.

We warmly invite you to give us a call, and meet our friendly office staff and crew. I believe you will see in them what I do and will be happy to invite us into your home. We look forward to hearing from you.

Erik Lindberg
Owner, Artisan, Craftsman

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