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Cooper Roofing & Gutters

Copper Roofing

Part of the beauty of copper work is its marriage of appearance and functionality. Copper roofs and gutters will not only outlast aluminum or rubber imitations, they will always outperform and outshine these lesser materials. Unlike a rubber roof or an aluminum gutter system, copper work does not depend on a temporary caulk joint to keep water where it belongs. Soldering is not only permanent, it is nearly unbreakable.

Perhaps we like working with copper so much because its qualities can be seen as a sort of symbol of our commitment to and relationship with the old homes of the Milwaukee area. We aspire to provide for these homes the same durability, function, and long lasting good looks as copper. A good copper job provides a 100-year solution to the houses upon which we do our work. Sometimes there is only one way to do things right and copper is often that answer.

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