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window and door replacement

Despite all the exaggerated claims from the replacement window companies, your home's original windows can be restored and tuned so that they operate smoothly and efficiently and with increased insulating value, all while maintaining the house's original appearance.

Nothing can destroy the look of a house more than replacement windows, and the small decrease in heating costs that they may provide will never pay for the new windows within their short lifetime (if you are considering vinyl windows, make sure you ask to see one that is 10 years old first!). Remember, "maintenance-free," is really a euphemism for "non-maintainable."

Window restoration and tuning (doors too) is a unique service we provide. For less than the cost of even the cheapest replacement window, we can restore your windows to their original quality. With a beautiful wood storm window — whether a combination storm/screen of a fixed unit — we can bring its R-value close to that of a new window.

And for those times when a new window or door is necessary, we can provide you the best, most historically and architecturally appropriate options.

Tuning Windows Video

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