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Window Tuning & Conditioning

Window Tuning & ConditioningYour windows are one of the most important features of your home, both in terms of your home's function and appearance.

But old windows often don't function well. They are difficult to open, won't stay open properly, and may be drafty. Some of your windows may have begun to deteriorate.

Sometimes the only alternatives may seem to be expensive new replacement windows that will never look quite right (or that may violate Historic Preservation Commission regulations), on the one hand, or just living with poorly functioning windows, on the other.

But there is another option—restoration. At Community Building and Restoration we have restored and tuned scores of beautiful old windows around the East Side. With only a couple of hours of work in some cases, a window can be returned to its original condition. Add a wood combination storm/screen window, and the window will perform at close to the level of a new replacement window, for about half the cost.

If your windows need further restoration, or if you need the old lead paint removed, or the glass and glazing putty replaced, we can do that. If parts of the window need to be reconstructed or reglued, we can do that, too.

Don't be fooled by the exaggerated claims about the energy savings of replacement windows. If someone tries to sell you a vinyl window, ask to see what a 10 year old vinyl window looks like!

Please call us for a free consultation. If you'd like to see examples of windows we've restored in your neighborhood, that can also be arranged.


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