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Restoration Carpenter

Thoughtful Craftsmen is looking for a senior restoration carpenter, possibly with some potential for management and training. The ideal candidate will have substantial experience working on old homes, especially their exteriors, will be a good problem solver and have excellent skills in customer relations. Although we have our own unique processes for some types of restoration and will offer any necessary training, this position is for someone who already knows his or her way around a construction site and older homes.

A company culture of teamwork, mutual respect, and sense of sharing a common goal is very important to us. We are more interested in a good leader and team player than a virtuoso who wants to do it by themselves. Thoughtful Craftsmen works on some of the finest old homes in the Milwaukee area and, increasingly, around the state. We are, for example, currently restoring windows at the Wisconsin State Historical Building in Madison and have built reproduction
windows for the Fireman’s Pavilion in Columbus Wisconsin.

The main focus for this position will be to help us execute whole-house exterior restorations. We remove the paint to bare wood, restore or replace deteriorated millwork and siding, build or repair authentic porches, and rebuild soffits, bargeboards, and built-in gutters. We provide a unique service with impressive results.

Pay is competitive and rewards skill, hard work, productivity, and overall benefit to the company and its culture and reputation.

Please call us toll-free TODAY at (414) 338-3652 or email us at [email protected]

Restoration Painter

We are looking for painters with prior exterior experience, committed to a thorough prep process, and safety conscious. Basic Carpentry skills are a plus. Successful candidates will have reliable transportation, a good attitude, good communication skills, and are comfortable with heights.

It requires dedication, hard work, endurance, attention to detail and to the big picture. Successful employees have a curious mind and are eager to learn. We are currently hiring painters of all levels of experience for our upcoming summer paint and restoration season, though excellent workers will have the opportunity to stay on through the winter. We will train successful candidates in our specific approach as needed.

This is likely to be the most difficult job you’ve ever had, but if you have the skills, attitude, and drive to do the work, it may be the most rewarding job as well, working and transforming some of the finest homes in the Milwaukee area.

We are interested only in candidates who demonstrate a passion for hard work and old homes. For this reason, we will only consider candidates who can tell us in writing or a video why he, she, or they think they are a good fit for this job. Please no short, unpunctuated text messages. We need to see you demonstrate that you are willing and able to work for something you want, starting with your application. Informational interviews are available for those wanting to learn more.

Pay is competitive with productivity and overall benefit to the restoration team rewarded generously. Overtime available.

Please call us toll-free TODAY at (414) 338-3652 or email us at [email protected]

Storm Windows Production

Thoughtful Craftsmen is the Milwaukee Area’s premier historic restoration company and we are hiring Storm Window Production team members!

What is Storm Window Production?

We custom fabricate historically accurate wooden storm windows for our clients homes. We handle the entire process from measurements, milling, planing and shaping, assembly, fitting, finishing sanding, painting, and installation!

Some of the basic knowledge would be being able to take precise measurements, familiar with a table saw, miter saw, planer, and shaper, being handy in a spray booth and being able to negotiate ladders safely. Typically in the shop but will still need to be okay with working outdoors all year, using a circular saw, planer, and belt sander on site. Perks besides helping clients navigate the preservational look of their homes, would be working with a diverse company, coming from all different backgrounds. 

Storm Production managers are committed to adapting to your learning needs and would be working with you in the shop and at site, helping you succeed in the world of windows. We love someone with an eye to detail and that is interested in completing tasks efficiently and beautifully. 

Accepting resumes with a possible cover letter explaining why you would be good for this position. References and a background in windows are appreciated. Basic hand tools required. Having your own power tools preferred. Having a truck or van with a ladder rack is a plus.

Pay is competitive and based on experience.

To apply, email [email protected]

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