East Milwaukee Paint & Restoration

Name: Exterior Paint & Restoration

Location: Milwaukee’s East Side

Problem: Exterior of the house has deteriorated, needing carpentry restoration and a new coat of paint. Areas include the trim, doors, windows, storm windows, cedar shingles, and front porch.

Solution Provided: We start by removing existing paint beyond the industry average to ensure a long-lasting paint job. On some areas of the exterior trim, we stripped, scraped, and sanded close to complete bare wood, while other areas were treated less aggressively based on the current conditions and to cut unneeded costs. Next, we performed carpentry and repairs to any soft or rotting wood. This included replacing areas of wood that couldn’t be salvaged and restoring areas that could be salvaged with wood epoxy. Once repairs were complete, we cleaned and primed all bare wood and painted with two coats of premium latex, caulking wherever needed with the appropriate caulks. Upon completion, all removed windows and hardware were reinstalled and the job site was fully cleaned.

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