East Milwaukee Paint & Restoration

Name: Window Casing Restoration

Location: Wauwatosa

Problem: Owners wanted painted window casing to be restored and stained for natural look.

Solution Provided: We started by removing all elements of the painted window casing which included window stops and brought everything to our shop for complete paint stripping. We stripped the window casings to bare wood using peel away and then neutralized and sanded any remnants with 120 grit sandpaper. Any spot of the window casing with splits or gauges was filled with famowood in a color to match the new stain as best as possible. Next, we color matched the existing stain and applied two coats of clear. After the trim was stained, we re-installed it and filled nail holes and touched up the stain as necessary. To finish up, we caulked the window casings to the wall connection and touched up any wall paint. 

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