East Milwaukee Paint & Restoration

Name: Rafter Tail Restoration

Location: Shorewood

Problem: Garage rafter tails were eroded and deteriorating.

Solution Provided: Any wood that was found to be rotten and deemed not too far deteriorated on the rafter tails was addressed using Abatron Wood Restoration 2 Part Epoxy repair solution. This process removed all deteriorated wood by consolidating the wood with a liquid epoxy followed with an epoxy putty. After the putty had set, we sanded and shaped it to match the existing structure. The dried out wood that had developed grooves and valleys was brushed with an epoxy slurry to harden the surface and prevent further erosion of the grain. Any wood deemed too far deteriorated to be economically repaired with epoxy, we milled pieces from clear, vertical grain cedar to match the existing details. To finish up we primed all repairs and the painting was completed by others.

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