East Milwaukee Paint & Restoration

Name: Shop Built Storm Windows

Location: Cudahy

Problem: Aluminum storms to be replaced with shop-built wood storm windows. Aluminum storms were so tightly sealed that moisture was getting trapped and resulted in rotting window sills.

Solution Provided: We started by removing the existing storm windows as needed and recycled them. We worked on all the existing openings that had deteriorated. Next, we measured each window opening, so we could custom build new Thoughtful Craftsmen storms. Our shop-built storm windows are wooden framed and constructed from the most durable wood. Any storm window that needed a dividing rail was made to match that of the home’s interior windows. We fit each new storm window to its corresponding opening by shaving and sanding as needed. Once the storm windows were properly fit, they were returned to our shop for priming and 2 coats of paint applied with a spray gun. After, the storm windows were returned to the home and installed with new hardware chosen by the client.

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