Wauwatosa Window Restoration

Name: Exterior Paint and Storm Window Restoration

Location: Milwaukee – Northpoint

Problem: The home’s exterior stucco was in need of new paint and wood trim restored all over the exterior, including the home’s storm windows.

Solution Provided:

First we started by assessing the entire house and evaluating the condition each area is in before drafting a plan. The homes timber and stucco vary on the property, with the south facing front of the home in far worse condition than any other side.

We began the project by removing the storm windows and taking them back to our shop in Shorewood. Our storm window department restored the windows by scraping and sanding, along with some epoxy repair and re-coating. Most of the storm windows were in good shape only needing moderate paint removal, although some require more substantial. We also recommended 12 storm windows be replaced and be rebuilt in our shop.

Starting on the south facing front of the house we needed to perform a complete paint removal on the stucco, stripping to almost bare wood. This is our typical approach to ensure an even and long lasting paint application, but as the home had different needs our approach changed for the other areas of the house.

The soffits, ceilings of the overhangs, and rafter tails are not exposed to harsh elements and in comparison were not as damaged or deteriorated. These areas did not require full paint removal, only a scuff sanding before a new coat of paint to sufficiently fix the issues.

On the fascia, timbers, and most of the windows, after the storms were removed, our team applied minimal scraping and scuffing to even the old paint and assess the wood. For any areas of soft or rot wood our team repaired where appropriate at the homeowners direction, applying epoxy putty and sanding to shape.

After a full cleaning (no pressure washing) we primed all bare wood and painted the wood and stucco surfaces with two coats of premium latex paint and caulking wherever needed. The main windows paint wass in good condition, with the main window sashes receiving a new coat of paint and touch ups to the glazing putty as needed. Once completed with all of the exterior paint the storm windows and hardware that were removed are reinstalled.

Wauwatosa Window Restoration
Wauwatosa Window Restoration
Wauwatosa Window Restoration

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