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Thoughtful Craftsmen has been a wonderful resource for me through the years when it comes to my old East Side Milwaukee home. When I need any kind of help I always start with Erik Lindberg. If they know how to do it I hire them, even for small projects where they will bill me by the hour. If they don’t have the expertise to handle the matter they will refer me to someone who has the requisite expertise (e.g. masonry work).

-Steven R. Duback, Quarles & Brady LLC

Windows are the eyes of your house, and we like to look at you and your house straight in the eyes. A lot of marketing goes into false claims about the advantages of new replacement windows (think about why they might be called “replacement”—because they too will need to be replaced!).

Original wood windows have been doing their job for a hundred years in many cases, and, with a little bit of repair and tuning, they can keep doing the same job for another 100. Fitted with a quality storm window, custom made in our shop, their energy efficiency is, for all practical purposes, the same as a new window. We restore and tune about 500 windows a year. That’s 500 windows not going into landfills, 500 windows maintaining the style of the home, all while we’re saving trees and you’re saving money.

Contrary to popular belief, replacement windows will not save you money on your heating bills. Ask us about our window tuning and restoration services as well as the quality wood combination storm windows we build and install.

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