We’ve noticed that a lot of other painting companies have added something to their name in the past few years: “__________& Restoration.” We have wondered if this was thought up by the marketing department or the production department. After looking at some of the work (and repairing some as well), we’re guessing that restoration may be a little bit of an afterthought when it comes to planning, and executing the paint job.

At Thoughtful Craftsmen, we approach things from the other direction. Our paint jobs are restoration and painting. Why? Because the key to a good, and long-lasting paint job has less to do with the application of the paint, and more to do with the condition of the wood and the quality of the restoration.

We’ve been restoring the exteriors of some of Milwaukee’s finest homes for over 17 years, now. We replace damaged wood trim with new molding cut from rot-resistant woods like cedar, use wood preservatives when necessary, and follow a restoration protocol very similar to the one used by the U.S. Park Service on national monuments. We use the combination of epoxy and new wood just like you’d find on repairs to Monticello or Mount Vernon. In fact, one our former employees went on from his job with Thoughtful Craftsmen to be the onsite architect at Mount Vernon.

So don’t be fooled by the word “restoration”—anyone can paint that word on their trucks and vans. And beware of painters armed with extra caulk and some useless types of wood putty. When we paint a house, the work is performed by a combination of restoration carpenters and precision painters, working together to restore the exterior surfaces of your home and then, as a final step, to finish up with a first-class paint job.

If you’re interested in high quality restoration and a paint job that will last, call or email us today! Last year our painting schedule was completely booked up by May.